This studio will pay you €1000 to ghost produce a track

Ghost producing (writing tracks for other acts to put out under their name) has long been dance music’s dirty-but-open secret. Rumours swirl constantly about which main stage stars don’t write their own tracks, and some massive artists have even spoken openly about ghost-producing for other people (like when Hardwell told inthemix last year that he’d ghost-written a Beatport hit for another act).

Usually, ghost-production happens under the radar: someone big buys a track from an emerging producer, and they all keep it on the down-low. But DCC Studios, a Netherlands-based dance music business started earlier this year, have come right out in the open with their services, putting a call out for “additional ghost producers to keep up with all the ghost production, mixing and mastering projects…

“Always wanted to have a career as an EDM producer (but not necessarily as a DJ) and do what you really love – making music; or have you always dreamed to make that world hit for a famous artist? Now is your chance!” the DCC Studios website enthuses, explaining the various benefits of being a ghost-producer, including freelance basis projects and “70% of the project revenue[and royalties]! This ranges from €400 to €1000 per project.”

Which all sounds like the perfect deal for talented emerging producers with the skills but none of the desire for the jet-setting, mainstage-rocking, multi-million-dollar-Las-Vegas-residency lifestyle that comes with being a superstar DJ. If that sounds like you, apply at the DCC Studios website. [Article photo by Rukes.]

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