This naked mud-man video is Splendour summed-up

Splendour in the Grass has wrapped up for another year, taking with it starry-eyed reports about Blur, Florence and the Machine, Flight Facilities and more…and an entire Facebook feed worth of photos of mud, muddy gumboots, muddy cars and muddy people.

When it comes to embracing the mud, though, no one can beat this anonymous legend, who decided to fully embrace the sodden earth and tackle a slippery hill, sans pants.

A full video of the incident was doing the rounds on Facebook earlier today but has since been deleted; thanks to the Instagram of photographers-extraordinaire Lifewithoutandy, however, you can still appreciate the pure vicarious thrill of seeing a fully naked man abandon social convention and attack a mud-covered hill under the watchful eye of a gawking crowd.

Bravo, mudman, we salute your looseness. Stay tuned for inthemix’s full Splendour 2015 photo galleries and review, to come later this week. [Photo via Beach Hotel, Byron]

Mud Slide | #SITG2015 | @torched_and_loving_it

A video posted by @lifewithoutandy on