This is happening: Paris Hilton picks up DJ residency at Amnesia Ibiza

According to the superclub’s official website, the self-appointed queen of house music herself, Paris Hilton, has picked up a highly-coveted residency at Amnesia Ibiza this summer. The cavernous space – which this season is also hosting the likes of Sven Vath’s long-running Cocoon Mondays, Marco Carola’s Music On and Together, with regular appearances from Knife Party – will be in the hands of Hilton on Wednesdays from 31 July to 31 August.

Her mission? To lead Amnesia’s famous foam parties as the resident DJ. The name of her night? Foam & Diamonds. There will also be Paris Hilton Pop-Up Shops inside Amnesia throughout the run. As the Amnesia website puts it: “The club’s Main Room and stores will bring Hilton’s iconic universe to life through her signature style decor.”


The most talked-about Paris Hilton DJ set to date was at the POP Music Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, last year, with bedazzled USB stick, miniature flag and not a whole lot of intensive mixing. Her album collaborator at the time, Afrojack, was quizzed about it on radio, and admitted that he had no idea she had designs on DJing until he got a Google Alert after the show in Brazil.

“I’m not an asshole. I don’t want to put anyone down,” he said at the time. “I think everyone should do what makes them happy, for all the right reasons. And I think it’s really important that if you seriously want to go in front of a crowd and DJ, you actually take the time to practise becoming a DJ. It’s hard work, you know – as a lot of people say, it’s not just pressing play. You have to know how the laptop programs or CDJs work, you have to know what the equaliser is, what the effects are. You can’t just pitch your flanger up and down and wave a flag.”