This guy’s Christmas light display synched to ‘Sandstorm’ just won everything

Flashback to December 2014…

‘Tis truly the Season of Sandstorm. First there was the Pozible campaign to tour Darude, the Finnish producer behind the 1999 trance mega-hit. Then Peking Duk started dropping it in their sets at Stereosonic, sending the crowds into rave frenzies, which all pushed Sandstorm, a track which first came out fifteen years ago, back into the top 20 of the iTunes dance chart. And then, Future Music Festival scored the coup of the year by announcing that they’d added Darude to the festival’s 2015 line-up.

But none of them come close to Victorian man Greg Jaeschke, who has synched his epic Christmas light display to flash in time to Sandstorm (as well as other mainstage hits like ‘Virus’). The Shepparton News reports that Greg Jaeschke is studying electrical engineering, and has used his powers for the good of all human kind by linking up the 10,000 strong light display with a playlist being broadcast on radio frequency 106.0 FM.

‘’I wanted there to be an easy way for people to listen to the music as well,’’ Mr Jaeschke told the Shepparton News. ‘’People can tune in while they’re in the car and listen at the same time.’’ The whole set-up reportedly took him two weeks to create, and the results are truly epic. Click play below to watch the Sandstorm lighting routine and bow down to Jaeschke’s genius.

[Via Pedestrian]