This backstage pass for Peking Duk’s tour is the best thing ever

Ever wondered what it’s like to go backstage at a show?

If you’re mates with Peking Duk, expect to be subject to a few rules. Now that their big Australiana tour is done and dusted, the duo’s manager Ben Dennis has shared a photo of the AAA pass handed out to those hanging behind the scenes. And as with all things Peking Duk, it’s pretty much perfect.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 5.47.20 pm

The seven golden rules of the Australiana tour include “don’t be a dickhead”, “don’t be a green room stain,” “don’t drink the rider without asking” and, once more, “don’t be a dickhead”

Thanks to the epic amounts of production Peking Duk bring to shows, pass holders are also advised that side of stage is a work area and not the premium viewing platform you might think.  And if anyone gets hungry? There’s a contact number for Dominos down the bottom.