There’s now a ‘Sandstorm’ and Shannon Noll mash-up

No two things say ‘straya quite like one-time Idol contestant, Rooty Hill RSL regular and living-meme Shannon Noll, and frothing out at a festival to all-time rave anthem Sandstorm…and now, some genius has brought the two together with Sandstorm Noll, the Darude vs Shannon Noll mash-up you never knew you needed – until now.

Bootleg master George Gurdjieff has previously posted SoundCloud flips of tunes by the likes of David Guetta, Robins Schulz and Deadmau5, but now he’s finally turned his attention to the true cultural icons of our time, mashing together the epic “dududududu” trance riffs of Sandstorm with the plaintive power ballad feels of Nollsy’s What About Me.

Hit play below to wrap your ears around this musical travesty work of genius, and you can even grab a free download over at SoundCloud.