The world’s best clubs, as picked by your favourite DJs

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The Tabernacle, Atlanta and Chinese Laundry, Sydney

“Can I give you two? Number one right now is The Tabernacle in Atlanta.

We went there on the HDYNTN tour and had the best show of the entire tour, and that’s tough because our hometown is Chicago and that show was incredible. But at The Tabernacle there’s basically a 180-degree balcony that goes up really high, and then a massive floor below. So if the club’s sold out, everywhere you look there’s people – up, down, left, right and centre – so you’re really surrounded by the crowd.

On the opposite end of that spectrum, I’ll say Chinese Laundry in Sydney. We played there in 2013 with Lunice and it was one of the most insane shows we’ve ever played. Not because it was so big, but because it was so tiny. It gets so foggy in there, so it’s kind of a dope club because you really can’t take pictures in there; you can’t get on your phone and text.

You know that mode that people are still in at shows where they’re just looking at a screen? I feel that it gets people out of that zone and gets them to really live in the moment.”

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Boys Noize
Lux Frágil, Lisbon

“There’s a really awesome one in Lisbon called Lux. It’s the perfect combination of everything: the sound is amazing, the club looks cool, the lights are good, the size is just right, it’s like 700 to 800 people. It has the perfect vibe, you can play whatever you want and it’s always a good party. It’s got this wooden floor and anywhere you stand the sound is amazing, and it’s right by the sea so it’s super nice.”

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Duke Dumont
Fabric, London

“My heart’s always at Fabric, just because of the education I got playing there. At Fabric they’ve got three rooms— Room One, Room Two and Room Three — and they’re all so different. Room One is like the main room. The second one is almost like a live venue. And Room Three is a very intimate club venue. So if you DJ’d all those rooms, it sets you up to DJ anywhere around the world.

But when I think of other clubs I’ve done over the years there;’s The Arches in Glagow, which unfortunately was shut down recently. Output in New York is an incredible club — it reminds me of Fabric. Then there’s obviously Panorama Bar, which for house music is an incredible place.

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Pacha, New York and Ushuaïa, Ibiza

“Out of them all I’d say Pacha, it’s always had an almost mystical beaming to it. I think it was one of the first clubs I heard about outside of Sweden and one of the first clubs I really played too, when I got to New York. The Pacha memories I have – especially in New York, from almost before I started touring – are so nostalgic for me.

And even if I didn’t have a residency there, I probably would’ve said Ushuaïa too. I think when Ushuaïa came it kind of knocked everything out of the ballpark and set a standard for everything around the world. Ever since they started, they’ve done something no one else did and people tried to copy them after that. Even before I went there, I remember seeing photos of Ushuaïa and thinking it just looked insane. It’s one of the best outdoor parties in the world.”

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