The trailer for LCD Soundsystem’s documentary arrives

When James Murphy announced that LCD Soundsystem would be bowing out of the game at the peak of the group’s career, emotions were mixed. On the one hand, it was ultimately better for the band to stop before they jumped that inevitable shark and go out on top. On the other, life without a new LCD album to look forward to was a bleak prospect indeed.

However, the news became a lot easier to bear when word arrived that LCD’s last show, a massive three-hour final hurrah at Madison Square Garden, would be filmed and turned into a documentary titled SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS.

Just a week or two ahead of the film’s premiere at Sundance Film Festival, we’ve finally got a trailer for the documentary – check it out below. Between the various shots of what seems like an amazing final show, James Murphy brooding in assorted locations and a clearly ecstatic crowd, it’s an emotional 2:12 minutes and enough to fill any fan with a violent, burning jealousy of those lucky enough to have attended. Amiright?

Of course, all is not lost for LCD devotees. James Murphy will be teaming up with DFA’s Pat Mahony for their Future Music Festival tour in March. Plus, we’ll always have drunk, slurring sing-alongs to All My Friends.