The smuttiest dance videos ever

It’s Saturday morning, you’ve stumbled out of bed, head fuzzy after a big night out, and you park yourself down on the couch and flick on the TV for some light entertainment with one of the many morning music video programs on the schedule.

Suddenly images of big boobs, fleshy butts, oily abs and writhing bodies hit the screen set to the crossover dance track of the minute. Yes, it’s the seemingly time honoured tradition of sex and dance music clips. Whoever came up with that inspired pairing originally clearly bottled some lightning as skin-centric videos and dance tracks have become joined at the crotch with no let-up in sight.

With that in mind, ITM thought it was about time to look back on the (silicone enhanced) legacy of dance music’s porn-y videos and offer a definitive list of the smuttiest dance videos of all time, from the ridiculous to the rotten. Press on for the dirty 30 countdown and have some hand sanitiser at the ready. That was probably a poor choice of phrasing.


#30 Kid Cudi – Day n Nite (Crookers Remix)

Our list begins innocently enough with Kid Cudi and Crookers Dan n Nite clip which finds Cudi working the night shift at some rinky dink convenience store. But wait! All his customers are babes! And they strip for him! Of course!

#29 Studio B – I See Girls

Here’s the clip for I See Girls and you should probably get used to the formula which it employs. It’s pretty complex but try to decipher it anyway: Girls / Running / No bras / Slow motion.

#28 DJ Deekline & Ed Solo – Touch Your Toes

You could probably give Deekline and Solo a pass on this as Touch Your Toes is indeed a sex jam but there really is a ludicruous amount of bare flesh on display here. Give the girls some coats at least!

#27 Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler

Simplicity reigns supreme in the clip for Hustler, that being a continuous all-girl pash-orgy.

#26 Geo Da Silva – I’ll Do You Like A Truck

We’re not sure what’s more disturbing about this video: that doing someone Like A Truck has its own dance move, that the lecherous Geo Da Silva has his own sex dungeon on wheels or that the video has been viewed close to 12 million times now.

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