The Skrillex x Jauz collaboration you’ve been waiting for is here

The long teased team-up from Skrillex and Jauz has been kicking around in festival sets for months – we first heard it at Ultra Music Festival back in March – but now, the collaboration you’ve been waiting for has officially arrived.

Squad Out! dropped through Adult Swim Singles last week (yes, we’re a little late to the party) and you can grab it as a free download below. But don’t go in expecting any musical soul-searching – as Skrillex said on Twitter, it’s “just a fun lil DJ tool”. For Jauz, Squad Out! meant the chance to work with “more or less the most influential artist on my life”.

“The track started as an idea I had written a while ago, it was pretty cool as it was but I knew it needed more and I knew it was right up Sonny’s alley,” Jauz told THUMP earlier this year. “Within 12 hours of that, he sent me back a version that was completely different from what I sent him. I knew he was gonna kill it, but I had no idea he was gonna totally flip it on its head like that, I remember the first time I listened to it I couldn’t stop grinning, like “holy shit, this is the track I sent him? For real?’”

There’s a very good chance you’ll get to hear how Squad Out! sounds from the crowd when Jauz makes his debut trip to Australia with Stereosonic, which heads around the country from late November.