The return of The Presets

After converting the groundswell of good-will from their Beams LP into outright stardom with Apocalypso in 2008, The Presets are poised to return to the Australian dance scene this year with a third album of stadium electro tunes, kicking off their 2011 comeback on this summer’s Future Music Festival tour. As it turns out the duo of Kim Moyes and Julian Hamilton are buzzed to be back, taking some time today to talk to inthemix about the tour and their almost-complete new record.

“We’re in full rehearsal mode right now,” Moyes told ITM during a promo break for the band. “It’s actually really exciting to be doing this again because we haven’t played a live show for nearly a year and half. It’s great to get all of our gear together and remember what the hell we did when we were on tour.”

While the break for The Presets has been lengthy, the duo have kept productive – and indeed re-productive with babies for both dudes – in the studio. According to Moyes the third LP from The Presets is nearing completion with “about 20 songs” in the running to make the cut.

“We’ve tried to keep the process as natural as possible and just keep doing what comes naturally to us,” he said. “We’ve seen that there’s a few holes in the moods of what we’ve got at the moment so we want to take the time to get everything right. Right now we’re just focusing on achieving some certain ingredients which are really important to the album. Once we have those the album will sort of shape itself.”

While we shouldn’t expect the album proper to land until the “third quarter” of 2011, Moyes did reveal that fans would be hearing new music soon enough, with a the first taste of new Presets material sneaking into their otherwise hits-loaded Future Music Festival sets.

“We’re bringing in a few new ideas to the show,” Moyes explained. “We’re trying to get a few of the new tracks that we’ve been working on into the show. There’s some finished ones that we’re keen to preview and a few unformed ones that we’re trying thrash out into shape.”

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