The Prodigy’s hilarious Kanye dig: “Stop complaining u loon”

Between his ambitious Yeezus tour, the headline-generating interview with Zane Lowe, his high-profile engagement to Kim Kardashian and that Bound 2 video, Kanye West’s certainly not want for attention right now. And while West has no shortage of supporters – just look at those 10 million Twitter followers – it seems not everyone’s impressed.

Enter Liam Howlett: The Prodigy legend, Essex trouble-maker from way back and, evidently, not a Kanye West fan. Overnight, the Brit took to The Prodigy’s Facebook page to go on record with his opinion of the rap megastar. Erratically punctuated and often hard to understand though it may be, the post certainly makes for an entertaining read. Howlett’s words in full: “Stop winging and complaining u loon , if u true ,respect is something u gain from what u do and if from the heart and real u take it how it comes accross to the peoples , criticisms and all . Get that!! ,, gettin on my nerves had to be said , Liam H .The Prodigy”. Sic, obviously.

Though the intended meaning of the post is up for interpretation, we’d wager Howlett might be (belatedly) referring to West’s run in with Jimmy Kimmel. In September, Kanye fired off a string of incensed tweets at the television host, after he spoofed the Zane Lowe interview where Kanye discussed his frustrations with celebrity, fashion and music (and yes, the pair have since hugged it out). Howlett might be pleased to hear that Kanye took James Franco and Seth Rogan’s internet-breaking Bound 2 parody much better – as his fiancé tells it, Kanye “laughed so hard at this”.