The Prodigy set to release first track in six years

If 2014 was about shining light on newcomers, consider 2015 the Year of the Comeback. The Chemical Brothers already announced their upcoming album slated for a 2015 release – now, The Prodigy are preparing to release a brand new track off their own forthcoming LP.

The veteran electronic act – whose beginnings date back almost three decades – announced yesterday via Instagram the arrival of a new single, Nasty Nasty. The account holds multiple versions of the track’s album artwork, all essentially containing the same message: ‘Single 1’ is hitting the masses in January.

As NME reports, the track will be the band’s first in six years, following the release of their 2009 album Invaders Must Die. Additional tracks off The Prodigy’s forthcoming sixth album will include Beyond The Death Ray, Get Your Fight On and Wall Of Death.

If the song-titles sound aggressive, it’s likely intentional, according to band-member Liam Howlett. In a previous interview with Q?, Howlett expounds, “Dance music across all types has become formula-based. It’s ‘Here’s your drum fill, here’s your build.’ All that DJ bollocks and tutorials on YouTube shit. This album is totally organic. Pure violent energy.”

While we watch for a January release of Nasty Nasty, have a listen to The Prodigy classic Firestarter to hold you over in the meantime.