The Presets: The five most random moments of our career

The best moments in life are often the most random or unexpected ones. Just ask party whisky J&B. To celebrate the launch of J&B Mash-Up we caught-up with The Presets to talk about some of their most random moments.

Believe it or not, 2013 marks ten years of The Presets. Since they first signed to Modular in ‘03, Kim Moyes and Julian Hamilton have put their name to three killer albums ( Beams, Apocolypso and Pacifica), played alongside Daft Punk, won more ARIA Awards than they could carry and gone platinum a few times over. No one could have predicted The Presets would get this big, but even still, some moments have come as even more unexpected than others. So to mark their big decade, we quizzed Kim and Julian on the less-publicised parts of their career: the five most random things that have happened to them over the years. Here’s what they had to say.

1.That time Nick Cave & Beth Orton danced to ‘Steamworks’ at 77

“It was pretty early on in our career, around maybe 2005. There was a festival going on in Sydney – I think it was the Leonard Cohen festival – and they had Nick Cave and Beth Orton and Jarvis Cocker and Rufus Wainwright and all these people coming in to play. I think that festival finished the night I was DJing at Club Kooky, which was an old club inside Club 77 we used to play. So lo and behold I was on the decks playing Steamworks and there on the dance floor, Nick Cave’s dancing with Beth Orton. Nick Cave was one of my teenage idols, so my jaw was just dropping. At the same time, they were dancing really well to the song and I don’t even think Beams had come out yet. So it was just really exciting to see people legitimately dancing, not forcing it, and guys like them in the wild having a good time.

2. Being used to sell cars

“They synced a song of ours to a Jaguar commercial in Ireland to sell expensive cars to the Irish, which I guess was also pretty random. Steamworks, again.”

3. Doing the whole red carpet thing

“When everything went crazy a few years ago with Apocalypso and we were winning awards and all that kind of stuff, I guess finding us on red carpets and being photographed as sort of celebrities. That was definitely a very random thing and a very strange feeling. Because we were so used to always being inside studios in our pyjamas making beats and writing song. We weren’t very used to being on red carpets standing alongside Pink and Rove. Being surrounded by people like that was very weird, very nice, but certainly random.”

4. Iva Davies from Icehouse joining the fan club (sort of)

“You’re always meeting new people – you know, the Black Eyed Peas would be coming up after a show and saying how amazing it was. There’s no one who really blew my mind until the one really amazing moment where Iva Davies from Icehouse came up to us after we played at Wave Aid, a big charity show at the Cricket Ground. We were really thrilled when he came up to talk to us… and then he told us that his son really liked our music. So we were kind of blown away, but a little bit crushed at the same time.”

5. Day of the dicks

“We got invited many years ago to play at a thing called the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, which is their huge annual leather pride festival. So we saw a lot of dicks that day. A lot of dicks. A lot of naked dudes walking around just wearing reeboks and with camcorders, they’re very wild. It was an awesome party, but I saw a lot of naked men on the street that day doing things that I probably don’t need to see again. But I have to admit, a couple of years later when they asked us back again, we did go play again. So sometimes even the most random things you have to go back for a second look at, just to make sure it really happened.”