The Presets: The Boys Are Back

With a grand return to the live scene planned at March’s Future Music Festival, Australian electro titans The Presets are preparing to be thrust back into the spotlight after 18 months of radio silence from the conquering Modular duo. Ahead of that comeback the band’s Kim Moyes spoke to inthemix about their time in the wilderness, building the highly anticipated album #3 and how My People started life as an underdog smash hit.

Hey Kim, how’re you doing mate?

Oh good, Dave, we’re just in rehearsals today.

Okay, that sounds cool. It must be exciting to get back into the swing of things, right?

“Yeah, it is really exciting for us. We haven’t played a show in nearly a year and half, so it’s great to get in there and start playing and just remember what the hell we used to do! It’s really good to have all our gear setup and we’re bringing in some new ideas and work in some of the new tracks that we’ve been working on into the show. We’re bringing in some ill-formed songs as well and thrashing them out to whip ‘em into shape, sort of. It really feels like the creative juices are flowing again.”

It must be a strange feeling coming back to the big time with Future Music Festival after that extended break.

“It’s been kind of a real kick in the arse for us, actually. We’ve both been living quite different lives compared to how things were for the last five years or so. In the last year and a half we both became dads and took a lot of down-time, so it’s been like living in a very different world. We’ve been working pretty solidly on music and getting stuff together for the next album later in the year but it’s definitely pushed us up a gear now that we know we’re going to be on stage in a month’s time in front of a few thousand people that want to hear our hits (and hopefully some new stuff too). I guess it’s sort of a reality check for us, but I think that’s a good thing. We’re getting excited and so is Modular, so it feels like it’s all about to start again.”

In that time off was it ever difficult to prioritise the band activities?

“You know, it wasn’t that hard at all. I think after we finished the last shows for the Apocalypso tour we took about four months off where we just did our own things and took a holiday from the band. After that we got back together and started chipping away on some music for probably about nine months and then we started to look at finishing some things and getting a proper single ready, so it feels like things have been gradually ramping back up and now it’s up to us to figure out what works, what we’re going to be happy with and where the gaps are in the new material. That way we can hone everything down to where we want it. I think if you looked back at everything we’ve done in the last 18 months it would look pretty daunting all lumped together, but our approach has been really steady so it’s not like you’re doing your homework at the last second.”

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