The Presets talk over-exposure battles

With the release of their 2008 sophomore LP Apocalypso Modular twosome The Presets graduated from hard toiling electro geeks to ARIA winning, arena filling and radio smashing electro geeks, with the duo of Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes catapulted to widespread success and near endless festival sets. And then they disappeared.

As ITM discovered, the duo’s near 18 month hibernation saw The Presets get to work on album number three and a re-vamped live show due to debut at the upcoming Future Music Festival. Speaking to inthemix ahead of their grand return, Moyes explained that their time out of the spotlight was a calculated move, saying that everyone needed a break from The Presets, including the group themselves.

“We knew that we were in everyone’s face by the end of Apocalypso,” Moyes told inthemix. “It got to the point where I would get texts from friends saying ‘can I not see another fucking Presets thing?’. And I appreciate that! I mean, I hate turning on the radio and hearing the shit we do. So we made the conscious decision to just die for a bit…you know? Just rest for a little bit and let everything just naturally relax.”

According to Moyes the downtime “took some pressure off” for the duo, giving them time to “shape” their next move more thoughtfully than some other acts that’ve shared their position and high profile. Yet with FMF only a couple of weeks away, Moyes admitted that the pressure is now “right back on”.

“The pressure’s now more obvious than it ever was…It’s funny when you have meetings with your record label and they go ‘hey, no pressure but this album is a real career definer’,” he said with a laugh. “Our approach has been really steady, gradually building back up to this so it’s not like when you’re doing all your homework at the last second and scrambling to finish everything.”