The Presets pay tribute to Bali Nine pair

The Presets have responded to the execution of Bali Nine pair Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran in a post on their Facebook page this morning, following the news that both men were killed by a firing squad in Indonesia overnight. “Waking to the distressing news that many of us have been dreading,” singer Julian Hamilton wrote. “I can’t even begin to imagine what Myuran and Andrew’s families are feeling right now.”

“Andrew and Myuran proved that, no matter what stupid mistakes we make in our past, they don’t necessarily have to define us. We can grow, and be better; we can be kinder and we can savour all that life offers us,” he continued in the touching post. “Friends, lets be kinder to one another today. Let’s be better.”

After news of the impending executions broke over the weekend, the pair divided fans when they posted a series of comments on their Facebook page expressing frustration and anger at the decision of the Indonesian government. “If you believe in state sanctioned murder, are against compassion and think you are above making mistakes,” they posted, “please… unfollow us, delete all our music and stop listening to us altogether. peace.”

On Monday The Presets apologised to fans they’d offended in their earlier posts. “I feel strongly about this issue but that’s still no excuse for getting personal,” Kim Moyes wrote. “I personally believe that State sanctioned killing almost never does any good and it often does great harm…of course other people have the right to disagree (respectfully) with me about that, and I have the right to disagree (respectfully) with them too.”

Read this morning’s statement from Julian Hamilton in full below.