The New Breed Of 2013: Local Producers To Watch

Over the course of 2012 and the few instalments of the New Breed series here on inthemix we’ve spotlighted a lot of new music from emerging artists around the country in an effort to push these exciting sounds to a larger audience. There’s been banging, outrageous dubstep, elegant house music, plenty of twisted slow-mo R&B and explorations of the deep alike.

While written like that it sounds like an uneven cacophony of styles, each artist featured over the series has shared important characteristics – namely that they’re largely unknown producers and artists making genuinely exciting electronic music beneath the wider Australian scene. Having run through some 50-plus artists already in 2012 it seemed only fitting to look ahead once more at which upcoming acts will be making their biggest moves yet in the new year.

Drop Frame

The story so far: The west has a preceding reputation for fostering exceptional bass talent – need we revisit the likes of ShockOne, Kito and the Pendulum boys? – and Drop Frame is another shining product of the Perth scene. A recent relocation to Melbourne has only enhanced his range with the Kinetic EP taking in everything from stadium dubstep (‘Satellites’) to gritty bass-hop (‘Trick’) and something completely different with the digital blues of Trichome.

2013 forecast: Escaping the bass capital for Melbourne may prove a clever career move yet for Drop Frame with fresh collaborators boosting his output already. Next up is a Drop Frame live show that the producer’s been tinkering away at for some time. Stay tuned.


The story so far: Formed from the combined powers of knockabout DJs/beatmakers Kato and Adam Bozzetto, Sydney twosome Wordlife have made telling strides over the last year with remixes for likes of Anna Lunoe, Van She, Matt Sofo and James Curd not to mention their pulsing Vision EP on the Motorik imprint.

2013 forecast: It remains to be seen whether or not the in-crowd will stick with their current techno fascination for any significant amount of time. That said, there’s nothing fleeting or fickle about what Wordlife are doing. The tunes stick with an energy that’s vital to recognition at home and abroad. As long as they continue to do so then we’ll continue to listen intently.


The story so far: Wrapped up in bandages to conceal her past prominent music-making identity as much as to add a marketable mystique to her music, Dune has already knocked out some impressive tunes including the Santigold-channelling bounce of Shoestring and the murky, cosmic trip-hop of Black Sand.

2013 forecast: Given her current form Dune’s 2013 looks bright with no harm befalling her for standing connections in the local music industry and experience up her belt. What’s strongest in her corner though is Dune’s easy blurring of genre lines with crisp pop, astral-gazing electronica and modern R&B vibes all blended together.

Tyler Touché

The story so far: As the synth washes and the filtered guitar funk of Musique du Coeur glide across your eardrums, it’s pretty startling to learn that the music playing is coming from somone still equipped with braces wired to their teeth. Such is the embarrassing talent of 16-year-old Brisbane producer Tyler Touché whose take on French house is so studied and authentic that you’d almost want to sign up to ancestry.com to inspect his lineage for any relations to Braxe or Bangalter.

2013 forecast: While things have already moved swiftly for young master Touché on the back of his breakout single Baguette – including supporting The Aston Shuffle, playing his first festival out of state at Tasmania’s Soundscape festival and landing on a Tommy Trash podcast – 2013 only holds bigger things for this kid. We can expect more tunes shortly as well as a school holiday’s worth of DJ dates around the country.


The story so far: The production guise of Anth Wendt, Oisima already boasts two impressive EP offerings in Dusk Til Dawn and November’s Goddess release, both detailing the producer’s gift for slow, luscious electronic tracks fleshed out with (actually) sultry vocal samples and bold jazz loops from collaborator and saxophonist Adam Page.

2013 forecast: While still largely on the fringe of the Australian electronic scene, Oisima’s no less a part of a burgeoning sub-section of musicians and producers – including fellow South Australians Brokers, Slamagotchi and export Kyson – relishing the emergence of languid electronica with distinct urban influences. There’s still only room to grow for this community of like-minded producers and with Oisima in the vanguard of that fraternity you can expect to see his name (and hear his music) much more in the coming year.

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