The New Breed #5: More Local Producers You Need To Hear

The expansive, cross-pollinating nature of the modern internet age can appear difficult to navigate when it comes to movements and genres within the electronic music community. But as unwieldy as it seems, the nature of the beast can also be a good thing with these previously fenced off styles coming together as shared influences for the next wave of young music makers.

We always cover plenty of musical ground in these articles, but this one’s particularly diverse – with each artist spotlighted boasting simultaneous talents skills in two, three or more styles from dubstep to house to trap and lounge. Hopefully, there’s a little something for everybody.


Where kids their age might jump into the local club scene for a lark or in the pursuit of some pretty sketchy EDM glory, it’s refreshing to see youngsters Ryan Smith and Charlotte Lohmann of Triforce pushing their own concepts and agendas through their tunes, ideas which are thankfully evolved from bottle poppin’ or crowd pleasing euphoria.

The North Sydney duo entwine some pretty fascinating themes of nature, science and man’s view of the planets into their tunes. As curious as it sounds, the application works well with the sci-fi house of Gaiamind, the crunching bass of Gliese 581g and Rivers To Roads which smacks of Crystal Castles with a prog direction.


Greeting any visitors to the L D R U Soundcloud page is producer Drew Carmody’s stunned mullet expression – all glazed eyes and gaping jaw. It’d be easy to dismiss the book by its admittedly crude cover, but perhaps Carmody’s offering an instructional pose for listeners to themselves adopt when they press play on The Tropics. That tune hits harder than most I’ve heard in 2013 with the pitched-up squeals punctuating L D R U’s rolling basslines and sampled vocal heaves.

At roughly 19 years old, Carmody’s already got some impressive momentum from The Tropics – which has weaselled into some What So Not sets recently – and other tunes like Dido and Gnob. Tellingly he’s already lined up for gigs at Sydney’s Chinese Laundry and Oh Hello in Brissy.

Georgia Potter

It’s been pretty compelling to watch Brisbane muso Georgia Potter’s evolution to her current musical output. As well as regular guest spots with other Queensland artists including hip hop crew Jungle Traffic, Potter shed her skin as a roots-inclined artist in favour of music equally soulful but made with electronics.

Already in 2013 there’s been the swampy glitch of XO and its touted Elizabeth Rose remix and recent single Reckless, which zeroes in on a smoky SBTRKT-like vibe and tops it off with an ear-wormy chorus. Potter’s been working with some trusted hands in producers Slamagotchi and Yukon Snakes, new breed worthy acts would there enough column space, and the union’s proved particularly rewarding for all involved (especially us listening in).

Cyst Impaled

Together with Marcus Whale, his kindred electronic spirit, Travis Cook forms one of the country’s most engaging double acts in Collarbones. But when away from the project, Cook continues his creative output with Cyst Impaled from his home in Adelaide.

While still sitting in the relative shadows of Collarbones, Cook’s output under Cyst Impaled already suggests it’s more than a side project with tracks dating back over the last year and collaborations with like minded locals including Simo Soo and fellow SA producer Glamour Lakes. With great titles like Tilda Swinton, Netscape and Sluts And Try Hards, the Cyst Impaled material jitters about stylistically from sample-heavy juke to digital house for an imagined F-Zero sequel.

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