The Killers copy Etienne De Crecy’s setup?

The MTV Europe Music Awards hit Liverpool in the UK last week, with a star-studded cast of performances from some of pop music’s biggest stars including Kanye West, Beyonce, Pink and The Ting Tings. One in particular that had the crowd in awe came from Las Vegas rockers The Killers, who played their new single Human.

Positioned inside stacked cubes that shift and change perspective, it was the perfect stage setup for the new dancier direction The Killers have taken with Human (presumably the influence of the album’s producer Stuart Price, aka Jacques Lu Cont).

However upon closer inspection it seems that The Killers’ newfound love of techno may run deeper than just their choice of producer, with their MTV performance looking eerily familiar – err, almost identical! – to French techno artist Etienne De Crecy’s groundbreaking ‘Live’ setup, which dates back to 2007.

Check out the videos below to make up your own mind!

Etienne De Crecy Live 2007 at Transmusicales de Rennes:

The Killers at 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards: