The ITM Guide: How to make a trance video

So, after countless late nights perfecting the melody and snare rolls, your trance banger is ready for Beatport glory. Now comes the time to conceptualise a suitably impressive music video, but you’ve used up all your inspiration. Lucky, then, that inthemix is here with a failsafe step-by-step guide to making the perfect trance video. Just follow our lead and you’ll have an audiovisual thrill-ride in no time.

Scene #1

So, there’s a good-looking couple who likes to roll about laughing on white bed sheets. Guess she didn’t count on him getting a call from a mystery female. Instead of waiting to hear if there’s a perfectly rational response, she’s either A) yelling “WHO THE FUCK IS SHE?” in his face or B) packing a bag straight away to leave. Either way, a picture frame of the once-happy couple is going to get shattered.

Scene #2

Lucky she’s got a friend to console her. You know girls: always doing their consoling in bikinis by the pool. Ping! It’s a text message from that big trance DJ who’s in town that the girls happen to know. He’s telling your leading lady to come down to the club tonight (message can vary. See: Armin text). OK, she seems to decide, maybe trance can mend a broken heart.

Scene #3

Getting ready time! Get out those hair straighteners and don’t forget to cue up that DJ’s CD on the stereo. Girls, there is nothing more fun than getting ready together, right? None of these outfits seem to be working. Time to strip down to underwear and try a new dress. And another. If only there was enough time for a pillow fight!

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