The inthemix Rave Cave: Meet the cast

For the past month, we’ve been hosting the inthemix Rave Cave. For ten weeks all up, ITM is curating a room in the Jurassic Lounge at Sydney’s Australian Museum: a run of Tuesday night sessions with booze, live music, art, film screenings, workshops, games and expert talks, all set to the backdrop of taxidermy displays and (as the name would suggest) dinosaur related paraphernalia. To take the Rave Cave reins, we’ve assembled a lineup of some of Sydney’s fastest-rising DJs to deliver the mid-week beats and now, we’d like to introduce you to the bill one by one. The Rave Cave is on from 5.30pm every Tuesday until the end of October, so head down to the Jurassic Lounge to see the lineup do their thing.


As an entrant in the in last year’s She Can DJ comp, Gabby’s no stranger to having to prove her DJ chops. But with eight years’ experience behind the decks (as well as talents that extend to singing and producing) and regular stints at S.A.S.H and Spice, she’s had plenty of time to hone the craft. “I play deep beats with a house vibe – techy, bouncy goodness,” she told inthemix. “In saying that, I don’t really play dark music, and I think some people associate those sounds with darkness and seriousness.” Plus with Gabby gearing up for the release of her debut EP, there’s every chance she’s got some of her own productions ready and waiting in the record bag. As for what she’s planning for the Rave Cave? “Jurassic beats and ferocious drops – I wanna get these fossils moving!”


Regular listeners to Fridays inthemix may already be familiar with Lancelot’s sound. As he put it, it’s “one nip deep-house, one nip nu-disco with a chaser of tropical”. 2012’s been the Sydney fast-risers year: he’s released debut EP We Can Dance, is currently midway through the Parklife tour, remixed local high-hitters like Catcall and New Navy and (in what’s perhaps his biggest hit), produced the inimitable Bondi Hipsters track The Life Organic. That ought be a pretty big tip off to the mood-enhancing vibes Lancelot’s partial to. And he’s keeping busy: “I’ve got another EP out at the end this year and probably another EP mid next year,” he told ITM before his Rave Cave stint. “I really want to focus on writing a lot more music. I think I’m finally settling into a steady motion where I’m going to be able to allocate a lot more time to writing.” Not that there won’t always be a healthy allocation of time for getting behind the decks, we trust.


It’s not always an easy feat for DJs to put into words exactly what “their sound” is. But Modular pair R+R answered the sticky question well: “The best way to describe it would be kind of like hobo-party-house. A bit of this, a bit of that, and some of that over there, and you got yourself a nice aural outfit.” With the boys having played alongside guys like Digitalism, Bag Raiders and Beni, they’ve learned firsthand how to handle a mood-enhancing set. So it’s a keep-it-simple philosophy they brought to the Rave Cave decks: “We planned the perfect anti-chin stroke. We play to get the people dancing, not thinking. I mean, in reality, why take it too serious? You’re pretty much a mobile juke-box, right?”

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