The ‘Godfather of House Music’ Frankie Knuckles has reportedly passed away

DJ Frankie Knuckles, known to many as the “Godfather of House Music,” reportedly passed away tonight in Chicago at the age of 59.

Knuckles was essentially the backbone of the traditional house music we know and love, with a storied career reaching back to the late seventies. Born in the Bronx, he DJed alongside fellow dance legend Larry Levan before moving to Chicago; there, he played regularly at dance music mecca, Warehouse (the name ‘house music’ is credited by many as having come from the style of music played by Knuckles at the Warehouse), before starting his own club, The Power Plant. Since then, he traveled the world many times over, from the US to the UK, spreading the house music gospel.

The news was reported initially by 5 Magazine, followed by FACT Magazine. While details of his passing are not available at the moment, many DJs and producers have posted their condolences on social media.

More information as it comes.