The Funkoars: Malfunctioning like crazy

Lock up your daughters and hide anything breakable; The Funkoars are coming to a town near you. In their second Australian tour in as many months, the Adelaide locals and veterans of the hip hop scene are taking towns by storm on the back of the release of their third album The Hangover. This tour also coincides with the release of the album’s second film clip What’s Your Malfunction. No doubt they will infect minds with their bangin’ beats, magnetic stage presence and contagious energy, with their usual level of debauchery thrown in. ITM caught up with Hons to ask how the tour’s going.

The Funkoars left Obese Records in 2008, and subsequently released The Hangover through their own label Peepshow Entertainment. I asked whether this was a positive, and whether there was a different creative energy which accented the outcome of album. “We released our first album through Peepshow and we had control over everything,” he said, referring to Who’s Your Step Daddy, released in 2003. This can prove to be a good and a bad thing, evidently, because as he so eloquently puts it, “If we fuck it up, it’s our own fault, but if we do good, we can congratulate ourselves”. The obvious advantages of this are having the ability to be “more hands on, as if it’s your own sort of small business”.

Accompanied by Vents, a regular touring associate of the Oars and who is “always fun”, and Phrase, who they haven’t really toured with before but who has been “absolutely fucking classic” and who has apparently been “doing some shit that you can’t print”, it sounds like the lads are all having bloody good time, and considering that the tour goes for almost three months, this chemistry and ability to bond (read: not kill each other), would serve them purposefully well for the hectic schedule they’ve planned, covering nearly every Australian state and culminating in Adelaide on the 29th August.

Given that Adelaide is the boys’ hometown, it would be prudent to assume that this is their favourite place to perform. “It’s always the biggest and we’re doing two shows in a row” and being at the end of the tour means that “we can get really loose on the last night”. They have recently just finished touring Tasmania where they found the crowds a sheer delight, with an apparently awesome “combination of people and partying”. In reference to the show they played in Hobart last week, Hons explained that “the show was absolutely nuts…we sold out and had like, 100 people turned away from the door”.

This is all too common a story, if you attended their last Canberra show a few months ago. The last time the lads were here, their ill fated gig at Transit Bar saw hundreds of people lining up around the block to see them. Thankfully, the time round they are performing at the ANU, which will accommodate their many loyal fans.

Those who have listened to the album may note there are a substantial number of shoutouts to penises on the album. I asked if there was any significance in this, to which Hons said that they have actually contemplated “listening to the whole album in detail, and actually (writing) down every time we mention the word penis, or anything about a penis”. He hastily adds that, “I like my dick but I don’t like other dicks”. I then attempted to turn the conversation around to something more intellectual, at which point I was interrupted with “back to the dick thing” and it evolved that it was in reference to their often charming lyrical content, consisting usually of booze, ladies and all things associated with these two things. “We got a hard time from radio stations about how we’re sexist pigs, but we were only really ever taking the piss, but now that we’re only taking the piss out of ourselves it seems to be alright”. The airways have often had something to say about their tasteful lyrics, and as he explains, “we definitely are an acquired sense of humour” and being unique is probably a good thing because “if everyone was like us the country would probably shut down”.

So what’s on the horizon following the tour? “A new album for sure,” and that which they’re hoping to have out by mid next year. Master producer Mr Trials has already written some fresh beats, so this process is well and truly underway. The question that had to be asked at this point, was that if their second album was titled Greatest Hits and er, was nothing of the sort, rather, it was a whole bunch of brand spanking new tracks, what would they call the album if they actually do release a greatest hits album?

“Fuck knows… that’s a great question”

Catch the Funkoars in a town near you on one of their remaining shows…

Thurs 25th June – Anu Bar, Canberra

Fri 26th June – The Roi Bar, Albury

Sat 27th June – The Capitol, Wagga

Fri 3rd July – Sand Bar, Mildura

Sat 4th July – Whalers Inn, Warnambool

Thurs 9th July – The Pub, Bendigo

Fri 10th July – The Corner, Melbourne

Sat11th July – Ruby’s Lounge, Belgrave

Thurs 16th July – Great Northern, Byron Bay

Fri 17th July – Uni Bar Usq, Toowoomba

Sat 18th July – The Zoo, Brisbane

Fri 24th July – Main Street Nightclub, Mackay

Sat 25th July – Bombay Rock, Townsville

Thurs 13th Aug – Prince Of Wales, Bunbury

Fri 14th Aug – The Esplanade, Busselton

Sat 15th Aug – Amplifier, Perth

Sun 16th Aug – Newport, Fremantle

Fri 28th August – The Gov (18+), Adelaide

Sat 29th August – The Gov (all-ages), Adelaide