The Chemical Brothers – Brotherhood

Recently voted as your fifth favourite international on the 2008 inthemix50, news that The Chemical Brothers are releasing a double album is definitely cause for some dancing in your pants. But before you go too spaz, let us point out that there’s both good and bad for the die-hard Chemical fans.

Like most of the known universe, I have the utmost respect for bigbeat overlords Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons. But I feel a bit gipped with Brotherhood, as disc one is a ‘Best Of’ that has nine tracks in common with their last ‘Best Of’ (ahem, Singles 93-03). Also, if you happen to own have their last two artist albums, Push The Button and We Are the Night, you’ll have all of the ‘new’ tracks bar one. The new one is Keep My Composure featuring Spank Rock, and it’s very cool, making a mockery of electro-land with a return to Big Beats of Doom.

Across the board, though, the best I can really say is that disc one contains a merciful lack of fishlike derivatives. Yes, the Salmon Dance is noticeably absent. It was not my favourite track by any means, despite it being immensely popular and surfacing on dancefloors everywhere. Personally, I think it proved that the Chems could sell pretty much anything. So why isn’t it on this release? I’m betting that they’re secretly embarrassed!

So disc one aside, why should you be forking out for tracks you probably already own? It’s on disc two where things get really interesting… Are you sitting down and holding tight to something solid? The second disc contains ALL of the Chems’ uber-exclusive Electronic Battle Weapons on one shiny CD. These are the secret experiments that Tom and Ed have produced over the last 12 years. Usually tracks they’ve handed out exclusively to trusted DJ chums, now we can legally get our hands on all ten!

If you’re somehow holding one of the ‘rarer than unicorn-shit’ original white label 12”s, your bragging rights are plummeting right now. You should totally send them to me, care of inthemix. No, really you can trust me!

CD 1

1. “Galvanize” (Radio Edit) (from Push the Button) – 3:11

2. “Hey Boy Hey Girl” (from Surrender) – 4:49

3. “Block Rockin’ Beats” (from Dig Your Own Hole) – 5:00

4. “Do It Again” (Edit) (from We Are the Night) – 3:41

5. “Believe” (Edit) (from Push the Button) – 3:48

6. “Star Guitar” (Edit) (from Come with Us) – 3:59

7. “Let Forever Be” (featuring Noel Gallagher) (from Surrender) – 3:56

8. “Leave Home” (from Exit Planet Dust) – 5:34

9. “Keep My Composure” (featuring Spank Rock) – 5:43

10. “Saturate” (from We Are the Night) – 4:49

11. “Out Of Control” (Radio Edit) (from Surrender) – 3:58

12. “The Golden Path” (featuring The Flaming Lips) (Edit) (from Singles 93-03) – 3:59

13. “Setting Sun” (featuring Noel Gallagher) (Radio Edit) (from Dig Your Own Hole) – 4:00

14. “Chemical Beats” (from Exit Planet Dust) – 4:02

CD 2

1. “Electronic Battle Weapon 1” (version of “It Doesn’t Matter” from Dig Your Own Hole) – 6:36

2. “Electronic Battle Weapon 2” (version of “Don’t Stop the Rock” from Dig Your Own Hole) – 7:12

3. “Electronic Battle Weapon 3” (version of “Under the Influence” from Surrender) – 5:02

4. “Electronic Battle Weapon 4” (“Freak of the Week”, from the single “Music: Response”) – 6:05

5. “Electronic Battle Weapon 5” (version of “It Began in Afrika” from Come with Us) – 9:47

6. “Electronic Battle Weapon 6” (remix of “Hoops” from Come with Us) – 8:59

7. “Electronic Battle Weapon 7” (“Acid Children” from the single “Galvanize”) – 7:24

8. “Electronic Battle Weapon 8” (version of “Saturate” from We Are the Night) – 6:15

9. “Electronic Battle Weapon 9” – 6:47

10. “Electronic Battle Weapon 10” (version of “Midnight Madness”) – 8:17