The 20 best albums of 2014

#20 Max Graef – Rivers of the Red Planet

After releasing EPs for labels like Tartelet, Melbourne Deepcast, Detroit Swindle’s Heist Recordings and his own Box Aus Holz imprint, Berlin producer Max Graef finally dropped his debut, Rivers Of The Red Planet, back in April to critical acclaim.

As with all his work, ROTRP showcases Graef’s extensive and impeccable musicianship by traipsing a wide range of styles from house and hip-hop to jazz and straight-up funk, making it a DJ’s dream in terms of versatility; but we love how tracks like Itzehoe and Drums Of Death chug on with a deep-running filmy nostalgia, yet bubble with fresh-faced energy. (Fun fact: his dad, guitarist Gerry Franke, features on ‘Speed Metal Jesus’.) Dedicated DJs alike will do well to keep Rivers Of The Red Planet in their repertoire, for it’ll get a rise out of any true house head on the dancefloor. [Krystal Rodriguez]

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