That ‘Ultimate DJ’ reality show is happening very soon

Pack it up everyone, we’re officially jumping the shark. Way back in January 2012 we received the unwelcome news that pop-star-packaging mogul Simon Cowell was planning to launch an “X-Factor for DJs” reality show offshoot with Will Smith’s production company. “DJs are the new rock stars,” Cowell said at the time. “It feels like the right time to make this show.”

An unhappy Steve Lawler was right on the case, trolling Cowell and his ilk with the very funny parody clip The Dex Factor, in which Carl Cox, Sven Vath and Lawler cop some harsh criticism from the X Factor judges, before DJ Facebender and his hard luck story come in to save the day with some well-timed fist pumping to electro house. (You can watch the troll clip in full below.)

Happily for Lawler, later in 2012 came the news that the production had already been scrapped, possibly because of trouble finding reputable judges: Fatboy Slim later revealed that he’d been approached by Cowell to be a judge, but had turned it down because, “as dance music gets taken over by people like Cowell it becomes about being famous and money – the nasty side which I think for years it was relatively free of.”

Unfortunately, last year the nightmare returned: the show is officially happening and will be called Ultimate DJ, and now we’ve got a launch date. Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment has partnered with Yahoo Live and Ultra Records to launch Ultimate DJ as part of Yahoo’s 2015/16 programming, kicking off from July 2015 along with 17 other new shows.

Steve Aoki was on hand to announce Ultimate DJ at yesterday’s Yahoo digital programming launch; Billboard reports that Yahoo’s chief marketing officer described the show as “very much like the World Cup of EDM – country against country, DJ against DJ, fanbase against fanbase.” Stay tuned for more news of the decline of civilisation Ultimate DJ to come.

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