Ten acts you can’t miss at Psyfari Festival

Every August Psyfari festival takes over a farm three hours from Sydney for a three-day, family-friendly, BYO adventure into some of the stranger corners of the musical galaxy (check out their after-movie from last year on page two – and you can win tickets over here).

With a line-up that runs to more than 90 DJs and live acts, swinging from straight-up psytrance, techno, prog house and glitch to ska, reggae and gypsy punk, we asked the Psyfari organisers to help us navigate that intimidating line-up and pick ten acts you won’t want to miss between 22 and 24 August.

#1 Tijuana Cartel

“When looking at options for an act to headline an event like Psyfari Festival, you’d be hard pressed to find someone more appropriate than Tijuana Cartel. Psyfari features a very wide mixture of music styles which often blend into one another and blur typical genre categories. Tijuana Cartel’s mix of electronica, percussion, vocals and flamenco guitar are a perfect blend. We simply love what they do. This track is a fine example of Tijuana Cartel’s smooth blend of sounds.”

#2 Wild Marmalade

“Those who aren’t familiar with Wild Marmalade are truly in for a surprise. Wild Marmalade will have arrived back in Australia after performing at Boom Festival; they are the only band to play Boom three times and there’s a reason why. The range of sounds and styles they produce from a didgeridoo and a drum kit is simply amazing.

“Tribal, genre defying and energetic are words that could be used to describe what they do. Benoit Jutras, the composer for Cirque Du Soleil, described it as ‘the most uplifting, energetic live performance I saw in my life’. This track is a perfect example of how their set will take the audience on a journey: a primal dance-like-you’ve-never-danced-before journey!”

#3 The Bennies

“The Bennies are without a doubt one of our favourite Australian bands. Their high energy music combined with one hell of a stage presence creates a show that sends the crowd wild. Whether or not you consider yourself a fan of ska or punk music, the Bennies will have you dancing up a storm. They come to party. They don’t hold back, and the audience is expected to do the same!

“It’s been awesome to see these guys getting bigger and bigger, and they’re nowhere near done. The Bennies are a band that’s destined to go far. This song is probably the most recognisable one from their latest album and will give you an idea of what to expect.”

#4 Hutch + Rehan

“Now this is a very exciting act indeed. Hutch + Rehan are two members of well-known DNB/dubstep/grime band Kobra Kai, and this is their own project, another great example of blending music styles. Hutch + Rehan bring their finely produced DNB and bass music played live with drums; this track is a prime example of their quality production and exciting sound.”

#5 Dark Nebula

“Dark Nebula is an artist a lot of people are excited to see. He’s a master of the art of taking a dancefloor on a journey and has been doing so across the world for over 10 years. His tracks have been featured in over 80 compilations and there’s a reason why. Those unfamiliar with his work best buckle up and enjoy the ride! This track is a nice introduction and example of Dark Nebula’s style.”

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