Techno pioneer Jeff Mills: “I don’t dislike EDM”

Jeff Mills, aka The Wizard: techno pioneer, founding member of the seminal group Underground Resistance, innovator, futurist…and EDM fan.

The revered DJ and producer arrives on our shores this Friday to premiere his techno-meets-classical music composition Light From An Outside World, as well as two straight-up DJ sets in Melbourne and Sydney. And in a recent chat with inthemix, Mills revealed that – unlike many of his peers – he has no aversion to the red-line builds and drops of mainstage music in 2014.

“I never thought that there was a right way or a correct way to make music,” Mills told inthemix. “People do what they feel compelled to do, and if people like it or not, that’s really their personal preference, and it’s always been like that. But if you’re confident in what you’re doing and you think it’s right, then it should be produced and the world should hear it.”

Jeff Mills has seen the growth and development of electronic music from its very infancy, so he’s better versed than most to take on lingering critiques of dance music’s legitimacy. “I don’t dislike any other format, including EDM, or anything like that,” Mills said.

“I think it serves a purpose. It’s fine. People love it. This is not the first scapegoat of electronic music, you know [laughs]. Many years ago it was trance music, and before then it was something else. It all serves a purpose, and I think that we’re moving along in a very healthy way all together. I think once you [restrict things], then it’s really the beginning of the end.”

You can still pick up tickets for Jeff Mills’ Light from the Outside World project with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (this Friday October 10) over here. Stay tuned for the full interview with Jeff Mills coming soon.