Sydney’s new bans on alcohol service come into effect this weekend

Clubbers in Sydney’s CBD and Kings Cross will be banned from buying shots, doubles or high-strength premixed drinks after midnight as of this Friday July 18, as new restrictions on alcohol service come into effect.

The new bans were announced back in May as part of the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing’s ‘Sydney CBD Plan of Management’, alongside other measures including taxi marshals and RSA marshals patrolling the CBD, new RSA training for bar staff, increased police targeting of ‘pre-fuelling’ on public transport and a venue ban for punters wearing motorcycle gang ‘colours’.

“The NSW Government makes no apologies for introducing tough measures to reduce alcohol-related violence and make our city safer for everybody,” the Minister for Hospitality, Gaming and Racing Troy Grant said in the press release. It was also revealed in June that the lockout laws and increased police focus on alcohol-related crime had raised a record number of fines for “failure to move on.”

On the positive side, St Vincent’s Hospital reported earlier this month that their admissions for alcohol-related injuries have fallen by at least half since the introduction of the new laws. “We’ve definitely seen a very marked decrease in as far as we’ve had hardly any severe brain injuries from alcohol-fuelled violence,” the head of emergency Gordian Fulde told the Sydney Morning Herald. The CBD lockouts and alcohol service restrictions have also seen many parties move outside of the CBD to venues in the Inner West like Erskineville’s Imperial Hotel, which will host new weekly Friday club night Meanwhile from August 1.

You can read the full list of new liquor service restrictions here – we’ve outlined the key points below; in the meantime, if you’re a fan of slamming tequila after midnight in Sydney CBD clubs, tomorrow night is your last chance to indulge.

New Sydney CBD alcohol service restrictions from Friday July 18

> No shots, doubles or premixed drinks over 5% alcohol after midnight (excluding cocktails)

> No buying more than four drinks at one time after midnight

> No buying more than two drinks at one time after 2am

> No liquor service at all between 3am and 5am

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