Sydney Uni just won April Fools with its ‘Sandstorm’ prank

It’s the first of April, which means that you should take everything you read on the internet with a grain of salt (more so than usual). For instance, Kanye West hasn’t really started a petition to headline every festival in the world (as realistic as that may sound).

There’s been some quality pranks this morning, but the award for Best April Fools goes to tertiary tricksters Sydney University, for their double-meme-referencing Facebook post.

The carillon (aka the bell tower) in Sydney Uni’s quadrangle has played some unusual tunes in the past, as part of its ceremonial performances (for instance, back in 2013 when it played the Game of Thrones theme). So when the official Sydney Uni Facebook page declared this morning that they had “caved to popular demand” and would try and play Darude’s Sandstorm on the carillon today, you can forgive the people who were taken in and clicked on the link to a video of their “sneaky rehearsal”.

Naturally the video was a classic Rickroll, taking you to Rick Astley’s immortal clip for ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. Well played, Sydney University, well played.

OK, we’ve caved to popular demand; we’re going to (attempt) to blast out Darude’s 'Sandstorm' on the Carillon at 1pm today! Here’s our sneaky rehearsal yesterday:

Posted by University of Sydney on Tuesday, 31 March 2015