Sven Vath recounts “the most extreme DJ experience of 2011” on-stage at Future Music Festival

As we saw in his ‘30 Years Of DJing’ essay in early 2011, Sven Vath can spin a yarn as confidently as he can an after-hours set. If you’ve been awaiting another chapter from the pen of the techno Trojan, you’re in luck.

Vath’s latest write-up on the Cocoon website reviews his frenzied 2011, and one of the standout anecdotes comes from last year’s tour with Future Music Festival. It’s not the cheeriest of stories, either, as Vath describes how his sadness at the devastating Japan earthquake crept up on him mid-set in the packed-out Likes Of You tent in Sydney.

“I had just been in Japan a few days ago and immediately called my friends there, luckily everybody was safe,” he writes. “I was on stage in Sydney and Leftfield played live, I was scheduled after them. I think there was somehow a suppression mechanism starting, regarding the events in Japan. We had about 6,000 people in the tent and the atmosphere was really great.

“So I started my set, being in a good mood and a positive tension, as always. But while I was playing, a creeping sadness grew on me and that was new to me – I felt that something was wrong with me. Fortunately, my playtime was only two hours long.

“After I played my last record, I left the stage and jumped into the shuttle. In the car I started crying my eyes out, the compassion and the grief just poured out of me. This was without doubt the most extreme DJ experience this year, as I didn’t know anymore if it was right or wrong to play there.”

Vath’s ‘Christmas statement’ also covers more buoyant memories, including his favourite “all-night-long sets” everywhere from Womb in Tokyo and Fabric London to his living room, epic kick-ons in Ibiza, the ongoing highs and setbacks of being a vinyl-only DJ, plus plenty more. You can read the whole thing over at the Cocoon website.

On the topic of touring with Future Music Festival, where he’s become something of a fixture, Vath adds: “There are many fantastic people there who promote our music with great passion and lots of love!” Here’s hoping his return in 2012 is bright all the way.