Sven Väth – At the Club


One of Europe’s biggest DJs, Sven Väth covers all areas of club culture, be it as a DJ, a club owner or producer. Involved in the scene for over 15 years, he is now one the the world’s most respected DJs.


  1. Reinhard Voigt – Supertiel (Kompakt)
  2. Thomas Schumacher – Ficken (Si Begg Remix) (TSX Recordings)
  3. Toni Rohr – Chuggachugga (Hidden Agenda)
  4. David Alvorado – Polygons (OVUM)
  5. Dirty – Dirty (E-Dancer Remix) (Junior)
  6. Scan X – Neurotronic (F-Com)
  7. David Tarrida / Lars Sandberg – Supa Hammewr (Missile)
  8. Dot Allison – We’re Only Science (Slam Remix) (Mantra)
  9. DJ Schufflemaster – Pay Back Pt.3 (Phont)
  10. Abe Duque – Last Night It Changed It All (Abe Duque Rec)
  11. Taksi – Rohrbruch (Taksi)

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