How to survive a season partying in Ibiza, according to the DJs who know best

Thinking of making the pilgrimage to ‘Beefa this year? Whether it’s your first time or your fifth, it’s easy to get overexcited the moment the plane hits the tarmac and before you’ve downed your first extortionately priced mojito.

Before you know it, it’s day three of seven, you haven’t slept, you want your Mum, and you’ve still got four days of pre-booked parties ahead of you. In the midst of opening week madness, ANNABEL ROSS asked some veterans for their top tips on enjoying the White Isle — read on and take note.

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Route 94

British producer Rowan Jones, better known as Route 94, regularly DJs across the island, at venues including DC-10, Sankeys and Blue Marlin.

“You need to look after yourself if you’re going to be partying. Go slow on the tequila! The day of a show I always make sure I’ve got three meals inside me along with plenty of water and the secret weapon is Berocca.

This might sound boring, but always make sure you use ear protection. I played a gig not so long ago without my earplugs, I played two shows in one night and the monitors were that powerful I could barely hear at the second show.

“And finally, always go to the after party”

The best part about Ibiza though is just heading out with any direction and finding the hidden gems. For first-timers that would be my advice, don’t make detailed plans, just get out there and see what the island has to offer. And finally, always go to the after party.”

Route 94’s ‘House & Pressure’ is out on June 9 on Hot Creations

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Andrea Oliva

Swiss-Italian producer Andrea Oliva has long been one of Ibiza’s favourite residents, performing everywhere from Space to Ants at Ushuaïa.

“It’s no secret how gruelling the Ibiza season can be, especially when you are also playing other events around the world. It can be easy to get swept away in the constant offerings of Ibiza, but as a DJ who is there for the whole season the key is making time to look after your body.

“As a DJ who is there for the whole season, the key is making time to look after your body”

I really like to go to the gym, it really grounds me mentally and physically. I also like to spend time with my friends, eat good food and enjoy the island’s natural energy.

Space was the first venue I played at in Ibiza – now I’m going to be a resident at the new Space, Hï. I’ll get to invite my friends to play with me, and generally tailor the night in the second room, called Club – the old Space terrace. I love playing with a range of talented DJs but when you get the chance to play with those that mean something to you, it makes the season extra special.”

Andrea Oliva is hosting Eric Prydz’s second room at Hi Ibiza every Tuesday from June 20 to April 22.

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The Canadian-born producer, DJ, BBC Radio 1 presenter and Ibiza regular is performing at the International Music Summit’s Dalt Vila event on Friday May 25.

“Go outside during the day. It’s great to enjoy the Ibiza club life, but make sure you take advantage of the beautiful beaches and sights the island has to offer before night falls.

“Pace yourself at night, in every sense”

Pace yourself at night, in every sense of the phrase. Know your own limit when it comes to cash and drinks. Eat real local food. One of the things I love most about Ibiza is its fine selection of clean organic produce from local farmers and small gardeners. Cook your own BBQ and enjoy it!

Don’t take it so seriously. I’ve had some of the best adventures in Ibiza! Some good and some bad, they key is to just roll with the punches and jump at opportunities that might present themselves.”

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Nicole Moudaber

The Nigerian-born Lebanese producer, now based in London, has been playing in Ibiza for seven years, including regularly with Carl Cox at Space and at DC-10.

“I lived in Ibiza for eleven years. I only sold my place three years ago, I’m still mourning it actually. Ibiza for me is not only about the clubbing — obviously the media promote it that way but for me it’s not about that at all.

“Try to have nights off in between clubbing”

If it’s your first time in Ibiza, I’d suggest selecting which parties you want to go first and try to have nights off in between clubbing. Pace yourself and try and explore the rest of what Ibiza offers.”

Nicole Moudaber is performing regularly at Paradise on Wednesday nights at DC-10 this season, will play B2B with Pete Tong at the IMS Dalt Vila event on May 25 and plays at Pure Carl Cox at Privilege on July 17.

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