Surkin: My Top Ten Club Weapons

Last month, French electro whiz Surkin released his first full-length album, USA. The exuberant, club-friendly record has been generating a fair deal of hype lately and coming a good five years after his first EP, it was about time.

After his former home Institubes folded, 2011 has also seen the Surkin kick-start a new label Marble alongside Bobmo and Para One. As he said matter-of-factly back in March, “With Marble we know that we’re not going to make any money, it is more just a platform for us.”

To celebrate release of USA, Surkin talked us through his ten favourite tracks at the moment – an impressively eclectic list ranging from Boys Noize to Juan MacLean and Chris Brown. Of course, there are a few worthy plugs for the Marble family in there too. Here it is!

Boys Noize & Erol Alkan – Avalanche (Canblaster Remix)

“A dark and futuristic remix by Canblaster – he’s one of the best producers around right now. Check out his stuff, you won’t regret it.”

Matthias Zimmermann – Fez

Fez is very unique, fresh and out of time, it almost sounds like a video game OST. Sound Pellegrino is always pushing the music forward and taking unexpected turns – all the labels should be like that.”

Das Glow – Concrete

“This one’s out next January on Marble. Das Glow moved to Berlin this year and you can definitely feel it on this track. It’s dark mechanical obsessive techno.”

Juan MacLean – Love in Tatter

“It’s no a secret: I’ve a thing for cuted up vocals. I discovered this track in Heidi’s latest mix-CD and it’s one of my favourite of the year.”

Para One – Compute (ft Surkin)

“This is out soon on Marble; it’s a collaboration between Para One and myself. A very extreme track, with a rave hoover and crazy analog synths. We have our studios in the same building in Paris, a label and have been doing a lot of things together for a long time, but this is our first real collaboration.”

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