Sub Focus talks going live at Stereosonic

In case you had not yet noticed, Stereosonic is rolling with a heavyweight bass brigade in 2011. As well as awaited shows from Annie Mac, Pretty Lights and The Gaslamp Killer, the national circuit will see UK studio whiz Sub Focus performing his live show. He’ll be in good practice, too, having spent the Northern summer darting between festival stages from Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas to South West Four in London.

Speaking to inthemix today after a marathon weekend of gigs, Sub Focus is confident his live show is firing. As you might’ve seen, the set-up sees the producer inside a ‘disc’ ringed with LEDs, which pulse in synchronicity with the basslines. As he explains, there’s a lot more going on too.

“It excites me what you can do with technology now,” he says. “I had some motion sensors built bespoke for the show. They’re sort of like Theremins, so I move my hand and they bring in sounds. I suppose it’s like live remixing; looping, layering, putting the vocals of one track over the drop of another.”

He’s conscious, though, of measuring spectacle with spontaneity. “I try to find ways of performing electronic music so people can see what you’re doing. I didn’t want to get a band to perform my music, because it’s quite synthetic, and I like that aspect. Guitars are good for performance because they face out to the audience, so I try to think of interesting ways of building equipment that allows people to actually see the performance.”

You can take a closer look at the live show below, or just click away now and preserve the element of surprise when Sub Focus steps up at Stereosonic.