Sub Focus: My top ten dance music classics

All this week, UK bass don Sub Focus will be on board as inthemix Guest Editor as we count down to the release of his new album Torus this Friday. He’s already talked us through his favourite live electronic shows and put together his six golden rules for producers and now, the producer and longtime electronic music devotee has gone on record with his top ten dance music classics. Get stuck in.

Mr Fingers – Can you feel it

My favourite song of the first wave of house music, still sounds so good today.

Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy

This and the the whole of the first Massive Attack album Blue Lines was huge for me when I discovered it, a few years after it came out. It had that feel of a melting pot of multiple genres that I love in an album, from reggae and dub to boogie and hip-hop.

Inner City – Good Life

Another one of my favourite house tracks. There’s been a huge revival of the production techniques and feel from late 80s and early 90s house music recently.

General Levy feat. M-Beat – Incredible

The first jungle / DnB tune I ever heard. I still remember hearing this at break time in school when I was about 13 and it just sounded so exciting and different from anything I had heard before.

Prodigy – No Good (Start the Dance)

This is probably my favourite Prodigy track, these guys have been very influential on my music. It’s been an honour to remix them twice.

Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar

This is my favourite music video of all time from one of my favourite groups. The video reminds me of listening to mixtapes whilst catching the train through London during my teens.

Haitras – Spaced Invader (J Majik Remix)

One of the first DnB tracks I can remember to really infuse ideas from modern house music. This was a very influential record for me, taking ideas borrowed from house music and putting them into bass music is something I have done a lot in my tracks over the years.

Bad Company – Planet Dust

This track reminds me of trips to seminal London clubs like The End and Fabric in the days just before I started putting out music. Bad Company’s music was massively inspiring to me when I started releasing tracks.

Paul Woolford – Erotic Discourse

Such a statement tune – basically the entire track is pretty much created from one kick drum. Really reminds me of when I was discovering lots of new house and techno around 2006/7. I’m loving Paul Woolford’s newer stuff also, especially the Special Request stuff he has been making lately.

Todd Terje – Inspector Norse

I found it hard to pick many modern songs for this, because they only really gain classic status with the benefit of hindsight. This is one though I’m pretty convinced will be a future classic. Amazing chord progressions and it just generates such a good atmosphere wherever it’s played.