Stream Richie Hawtin’s new live album as Plastikman in full

After more than a decade spent on the shelf, Richie Hawtin is officially bringing his Plastikman moniker out for another go. Just last week, the producer announced the forthcoming release of EX, the first Plastikman album since 2003. Today, the album is out for digital release, as well as for full – and free – streaming.

The entirety of EX – seven tracks – was recorded live at The Guggenheim Museum in New York late last year, where Hawtin performed for Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons. “I knew that Raf was a long time Plastikman fan so by accepting his offer to perform at the Dior event at the Guggenheim I knew I’d set myself up to a huge challenge,” Hawtin said. “I locked myself away in a series of intense studio sessions and quickly recorded enough new material for the performance and realized I might also have enough for a complete new album.

“The music came out of me effortlessly as I was very inspired by the opportunity to play in this beautiful architectural space renowned more for art than music. The location also allowed me to step far away from the dancefloor, giving me a huge amount of freedom to EXplore any sonic ideas that I had. Art, music, architecture, painting, sculpture – these mediums are supposed to live together.”

Later this week, EX will see release on vinyl, CD and a limited-edition SubPac S1 that costs just a tad more. Also happening in the coming days is Hawtin’s debut of the new Plastikman show on June 12 at Sí¬≥nar Barcelona, featuring a “specially constructed LED obelisk.”

Until then, album streams have popped up on sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Spotify. Check out the return of Plastikman below. [Article photo: Joseph Cultice]