Steve Lawler trolls X Factor For DJs in style

Back in January, X Factor mogul Simon Cowell announced he will be launching a talent show for DJs in 2012, inciting an almost-unanimous groan from dance music fans. “DJs are the new rock stars,” Cowell said at the time. “It feels like the right time to make this show.” Not everyone agrees that it’s the right time, though, including Viva Music boss Steve Lawler, who posted this video to his YouTube channel overnight. It’s a pretty spot-on distillation of why people think the show will be a farce, and a few hasty YouTube commenters have taken this ‘trailer’ as the real deal.

Here’s the blurb accompanying the video: “With the world’s most credible and respected DJs lining up for an audition and Simon Cowell giving them his valid, undeniable & professional point of view; one man who goes by the name of DJ Facebender is set to rise to superstardom with his impeccable skills and prowess behind the decks.” (Consequently, DJ Facebender already has a couple of fan pages around Facebook.)