Steve Angello delivers the final word on ‘fake DJ’ accusations

As you’ll recall back in 2011, Swedish House Mafia heavy-hitter Steve Angello went on the defense after a video appeared on YouTube titled, ‘Steve Angello – How To Fake Your Fans’. The video showed Angello on-stage at Dance Valley in The Netherlands DJing without headphones. In response to accusations of playing a pre-recorded mix, he explained that the close of his show is a “medley mix” synched to fireworks. Since then, though, the ‘fake DJ’ tag has lingered, even inciting house original DJ Sneak to go on the offensive. This afternoon at the EDMBiz conference in Las Vegas, Angello fielded a question from a fan about the blow-up, and inthemix was there to hear it.

“The thing is, I lost my hearing in my left ear two years ago,” Angello said. “I couldn’t hear for almost a month and thought I was going deaf. I’m always in airplanes working with my headphones on really loud. So I taught myself how to DJ without headphones. With today’s technology on Pioneer decks, you can see what the BPM of the next record is. If you know your records, you know how long it is to the first drop and where the outro is. It’s not a hard thing to do, but people always question things if they don’t know how it’s done.

“This kid filmed me at Dance Valley and said on YouTube, Steve Angello’s faking whole DJ sets without headphones. And then that catches on. What I did afterwards was go to D.C. is put two cameras either side of me and one above, and did a five-hour DJ set without headphones. You can see how I do all the mixes, all the BPMs.

“Listen, I wouldn’t be doing this if I was faking,” he said in conclusion, ”’cause I could’ve done shitloads of other stuff. I’ve done this since I was twelve, I know how to beatmatch.”

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