Stereo recruits Zedd & Porter Robinson set to tour together

It’s a charmed life Porter Robinson and Zedd lead. They’ve both just past 20. They’re both signed to Skrillex’s label OWSLA. They both regularly play the same festivals, they’re buds off-stage and they’re both regularly touted as “EDM’s next big thing”. So what’s next on the to-do list for the pair of musical prodigies? To collaborate, of course.

Speaking to MTV, Porter Robinson explained that he and his label mate have a two-pronged collaboration in the works: a side by side tour and a track together. “We’ve been going back and forth on this a little bit, but I think the final, official name of the tour is ‘Porter Robinson & Zedd Present: Poseidon – The Back to Back Tour,” Porter told MTV. ” Poseidon is the name of the song we are doing together. It’s going to be sort of the theme of the tour. We wanted to include ‘Back-to-Back Tour’ to make it clear that it’s not Zedd opening for me, or vice versa. We are playing together”.

As for the collaborative track? “The song is pretty,” Porter assured. “It’s kind of like disco chords on trancier sounds, with a nice topline, and a really nice crowd vocal. Me and Zedd recorded it together. We did 100 takes of like three guys going, ‘Heeey,’ and we turned it into this massive crowd vocal, and it turned out really well and sounds really cool. I think it’s something where I’ll be able to pull the fader up and everyone will be able to sing along.”

With both Porter and Zedd both on this year’s Stereosonic and Foreshore lineup, we could be seeing some back-to-back OWSLA action soon. Plus, it seems the pair have taken their cues from another Stereo-bound name: “I remember seeing Doctor P and Flux Pavilion and between the two of them they have so many hit songs,” Porter explained. “They just slap them back and forth for an hour and a half and the crowd screams every time they recognize something. To me that’s awesome! So I would love to capture that with me and Zedd.”