Stanton Warriors: Non-stop

A track off your new album is called New York; are there particular venues/cities that you go nuts about playing in?

L.A., San Fran, Vancouver, Dubai, Moscow, Berlin, London, Saigon, Bangkok, Bali – they’ve all been nuts gigs recently. Travelling and seeing different cultures really opens your eyes up to the world, and it’s even better if you can remember half of it! In the last two weeks alone we’ve visited Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Lithuania, and Italy.

Now just to touch base on your upcoming summer tour of Australia. You’re no stranger to our shores, how do you like the atmosphere here? And what can we expect?

Just when we think everyone in Australia is into a different sound we come and tour and it goes off. Aussies know and love their music, so we always need to come prepared. We’ve been flat out working on new club bangers, edits, remixes to help destroy dance-floors as best we can. We love Australia, and my Dad has even moved out there, which I guess kind of makes me half Aussie. Yeah?

I remember seeing a set of yours where Pop Ya Virus made a few people’s head explode in a good way. What’s it like seeing hundreds of people sweat it up over your beats?

Dropping a tune and getting a big reaction is great, but dropping your own tune and seeing shit go off is the best feeling in the world. The first time we dropped Pop Ya Cork was like that. No matter how tired you are on tour, the music and crowd will always energise us.

Will you be bringing a whole troupe with you on this tour? Ruby Goe and Hollywood Halt as guests perhaps?

Hollywood Holt is coming; he’s mental but in a good, talented way. Very excited about this tour.

You’re arguably the most successful breaks/electronic producers at present. Is there anyone else on the scene you guys listen to that you find impressive? Anyone we should watch out for?

Lots of random one-off tracks have been doing it for us. Our new compilation album, Stanton Sessions Vol 4, highlights the best tunes we have heard this year and is out soon on Central Station records over there.

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