Stalka: Heading West

He might have the dodgiest DJ name in the business but you can’t deny talent. Having wowed east coast crowds for a number of years, Stalka aka Rod Lynch, is set to embark on his first tour west where he’ll join the Destination? massive for their third birthday celebrations. He gives ITM a run down on his back ground to get those Perth peeps up to speed.

Can you remember the first piece of electronic music that got your interest?

It would probably have to be something from the Prodigy or Chemical Brothers, but the first track that really got me into club music was Propellerheads – Take California. Such a classic tune – after I heard it I went out and purchased the album decksanddrumsandrocknroll and absolutely loved it!

At what point did you decide “I want to do that”?

I’d like to say it was an Einstein moment of clarity but it was probably more like a drunken dance floor moment of (expensive) stupidity. Once I got my decks though and went record shopping, I knew it was the right choice!

What’s the story behind your name? Stalka by name, Stalka by nature?

I used to answer that question with “Ask my ex-girlfriend… The one that has a restraining order on me”!

I used to be Techno lover and Green Velvets track “The Stalker” was partial inspiration for the name. My real name didn’t sound very cool so I tried to find something that no one else was using and also had some ‘impact’, that hopefully wouldn’t be easily forgotten.

Unfortunately Stalker was a bit scary for some people so I dropped the ‘ER’ off the end.

You’re the man behind Wanna Break? in Sydney, steadily becoming one of the largest breaks nights in Sydney. Tell us about that.

Wanna Break? was first formed by a group of breakbeat loving pissheads which included myself, Susi (the drinking machine), Matt (Dopamine), Tim (Robin Banks), Chris (Roostah) & Joules (Joules Fine).

The idea came about to throw a cheap but wicked forum party for the inthemix breaks forum community and to also give some up and comers a chance at playing their first ever gigs! I remember how hard it was trying to get my first gig and for me this was a great opportunity to give something back and help others get their foot in the door.

It’s really all about having fun for us, I think if we ever get to the point where we end up taking it too seriously, we will chuck it all in and take up crochet or stenciling haha.

I’m just listening to your Destination? promo mix now. It’s wicked! I love that you stray from the mainstream and there’s lots of cool bleepy techy tunes. Talk us through a few of your favourite tracks on the mix.

I’m glad you enjoyed it – some of the faves!

DJ Kool & Krooklyn Clan

Here We Go. Just try and listen to this track without bopping your head. Late 90’s big beat that goes with me everywhere!

Llupa – Elan Vital

Classy tune, Tom is a Sydney producer who will be blowing up HUGE in the next year I reckon. Top notch production + one hell of a nice guy! Look out Melbourne because he is heading your way soon!

Dirty D – Hot Stuff

The man can write anything from a cheesy vocal to a tough edged ball breaker. Definitely one of the better producers out there, with a few releases already under his belt the sky is the limit for Damo.

Si Begg – Eurostar (Tipper remix)

Si Begg and Tipper both need no introduction. I’m heavily influenced by beats these 2 put out. In the same Vein you would find the likes of Radioactive Man, Cyborg, Andy Page etc in my record bag!

Too many favorites in there for me to go on about them all, I don’t play music that I don’t like!

What are you expecting from your first trip west?

I want to see the sights and do the Tourist thing for a few days; I haven’t been to Perth since I was a kid and can’t remember much of it. I’m planning on checking out Rottenest Island and am looking forward to meeting all of the Perth crew!

From what I have heard from Dopamine and The Sound Advice lads I am in for a real treat with some really nice people!

Have you ever incorporated a live musician into your set before?

No never, only ever a Vocalist / MC and a bloke who thought he could beatbox ha-ha. This will definitely be a new experience for me and one that I am looking forward to!

What can the Destination? crew expect from Stalka when you drop in for their birthday?

A lot of drinking and loud raucous behavior!

And then some more drinking!

Birthdays are all about celebrating so that’s exactly what I will be doing! I will also be bringing a stack of Destination Promo CD’s for pressies to hand out!

I may or may not also be Santa’s little elf!

*Is everyone in Sydney friends with everyone else?

Ha-ha no way! We have an awesome crew of regulars who come to Wanna Break? though (you know who you are) and we love these guys – there is a lot of “fad” mentality in Sydney still and a lot of people just go out to be “scene”.

In saying that, there are a lot of choices in Sydney, you just need to know where to look and what / where to stay away from depending on what your tastes are.

You’re banished to a desert island for life and you can only take one CD, one book and one movie. What are they?

So… This desert island has power for me to play my CD player and watch my DVDs! Sounds good, when do I fly out?!

CD Chemical Brothers – Live @ The Social. Awesome mix set

DVDMonty Pythons – Search For The Holy Grail. For sanity reasons

BookI love to read, such a hard choice but for a decent length read it would have to be a single bound copy of Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings (including the Hobbit) in one volume!

How are the Stalka groupies?

Ha-ha Groupies? I have a fan in my bedroom at home that operates on slow – medium and fast are broken… It’s my only fan! My girlfriend is probably my biggest groupie – she will be coming to Perth with me to lead the cheer squad.

Catch Stalka at Destination? Third Birthday, Friday 15th December @ Ambar. For full event details check out ITM What’s On.