STA [Audio]: Gen-Y’s blog posterboy


As if there were any lingering doubts that the internet had well and truly revolutionised the way in which the wheels of the music biz now turn, the mere fact that a Canadian chap in his early 20s can launch a career on the global dance scene by posting a few cheeky bootlegs to a blog will prove it beyond any reasonable doubt. Hyped as the archetype ‘modern-day, Generation-Y producer/DJ’, STA (pronounced ‘star’, and otherwise known as Stuart Freen) will descend on Australia for his very first tour this weekend, all based on the underground success of his unauthorised Timbaland remix, as well as ensuing release on Marine Parade label and official reworks for artists like Adam Freeland, The Crystal Method and even Beyonce.

It’s been something of a wild ride for STA, with the youngster popping up as a frequent name on influential blogs like Fluokids or IHeartComix. He’s now something of a ‘blog superstar’, although it’s a title that STA’s not entirely comfortable with. “I didn’t read music blogs at all before I started getting posted up on them. Now I’m a little bit into it, I pay attention to it,” he explained to inthemix. “The whole blog thing, it’s still weird, because I feel like a lot of them get fed by the labels. The labels will throw them a few new exclusive tracks and they’ll just post up whatever gets sent to them. It’s taken away a little the searching for good music. People don’t go to record stores as much anymore…”

STA tours Australia for the first time over the coming weeks. If you’ve ever downloaded one of his bootlegs and got your rave on, be sure to check him out!

Fri May 23 – Lick It at Empire, Brisbane

Sat May 24 – The Club Club at Chinese Laundry, Sydney

Fri May 30 – Lick It at Eurotrash, Melbourne

Sat May 31 – Secret Show

Sun Jun 1 – Secret Show

If you’re wondering what sorta set he’ll drop, check out this DJ mix now streaming in ITM-FM.

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