Spectrum 2nd Birthday feat. Pnau @ Spectrum, Sydney (14/07/06)

Okay, first of all, Spectrum? Pnau? It’s not exactly the first venue that comes to mind when one of Sydney’s premier dance acts come out of studio hibernation to play a special two night stint. But hey, who’d let that destroy a perfectly good night, especially when Pnau’s live set has reaffirmed their place at the top of the Australian dance scene of late?

One of the obvious downsides to tonight’s venue choice was that we found ourselves rushing down the rain splattered Oxford street sidewalk, in a heated frenzy, hoping not to miss a minute of Pnau’s set; at the same time most clubs are only just opening their doors. Upon arrival we find that Pnau weren’t too far from taking the stage, so we’d managed to miss the pink, glitter, flower bearing assault that is Spod. Another unexplained mystery of the evening was this bizarre choice in support.

Looking around the room I was shocked to see that the mass of crowd I expected to see, filling the venue from wall to wall, was actually very far from that… Turning towards the DJ booth we saw Nick’s freshly shaved nogging bopping along with Mayes’ full head of hair, as they launched into the start of their set. The stage to the left of where the boys were playing, was screening the visual element of their set, although unfortunately I don’t think many punters noticed, as a few brave kids got up to let their limbs get loose on the empty stage.

Even though the crowd was quite small, this didn’t detract from Pnau’s sizzling live set at all. Everyone seemed to be happy for the extra space to dance and it soon seemed like a nice cosy houseparty. The new tunes, which are tagged to be from their long awaited 3rd studio effort, are going to really raise the bar for Australian dance music once again! Just as we thought our feet and bodies couldn’t possibly manage to make another move, the boys dropped another bomb as their track ‘Control Your Body’ had us doing everything but!

There weren’t any doubters left in the room, as Pnau proved that they were well and truly back in their full live glory. It’s just a shame there was hardly anyone there to see it!

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