Sounds Of Summer: Hook N Sling

A staple on the diet of many Australian clubbers, Hook N Sling has been keeping it real both here and around the world with a strong release of club hits since 2007’s ARIA nominated track, The Bump.

The past year has seen Hook complete a whirlwind of shows around the country and overseas also putting together the The Annual 2011 for Ministry of Sound with Tommy Trash. Now set to embark on the Sounds of Summer club tour with inthemix, Hook takes time out to have a chat about the future and beyond.

You’ve just finished the MOS Annual Tour. It was quite a hectic tour schedule, have you recovered?

Yeah, for the Annual tour I did about 15 or so shows. I had a lot of my own shows in between but it wasn’t as hectic as I thought it would be. Me and Tommy did about five shows together and the rest I just did on my own. It was good fun, and it was good touring a CD because if anything expectations are simpler I suppose. They know the CD, they’re coming along because they know the CD and they wanna hear some tunes off it along with some of my own stuff.

When you were mixing the Annual CD, was there any pressure to bring together something that would hold mass appeal, whilst still keeping your own touches on the finished product?

Yeah, it is always is a bit of a juggle, because I want to put on new stuff but at the same time it’s the Annual, the biggest tracks of the last 12 months in club-land, so you’re kind of a little bit tied down with that. In either sense it’s easy to put the track listing together but it’s the first one I’ve done so it’s a bit of a learning curve to realize that it’s different to the Clubbers Guide this year and Progression which I did the year before. So it was a bit of a different brief.

So production wise at the moment, what have you got planned?

I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff coming up. I’ve had a really busy past three months. Everything is pointed towards Miami in March. I’ve been finishing off three or four more records that are going to be finished off in time for Miami, where there is normally about a three month lead up time for releases. I have just finished a collaboration between me, Richard Dinsdale and Sam Obernik, as well as a new collaboration with TV Rock and a couple of remixes I’ve done. I’m in the middle of one at the moment for The Aston Shuffle that I’m working on tonight.

How do your collaborations often come about, are they more through choice or co-incidence?

With Richard and Sam Obernik, Richard and I became good friends through a few unique experiences. Last time he was in Australia I took him out to the casino because he really wanted to go gamble and I lost my wallet. It was one of those devastating experiences that bring people together. So this record came about through Richard. He started putting a demo together that Sam Obernik sung over and then from there he threw it over to me, and I’ve pretty much picked it up from the demo stage and finished it off and that will be out in a couple of months in time for Miami as well. That record has been going for about eight months, so I can’t wait to see the end of that.

Has that been a laborious last eight months, juggling between shows and studio time?

The time consuming part is getting everyone together to agree on something. It’s like hey guys, I’ve just done this, what do you think about it? And then by the time, Sam gets back to me that’s two days, and then by the time Richard gets back to me that’s two days, it’s just a really slow process.

Do you feel there’s a good balance between producing and then the DJing side of things?

This time of year, it’s very much both. I did all the New Years shows and I go to America in three weeks.So basically I’ve got to finish everything off before I go. It also depends on what time of year, this time of year is always about production because of Miami. Everyone’s shoving records at Miami so over January it’s always busy studio wise.

With your upcoming Australian shows happening in clubs, do you think it’s important to keep the circuit of Australian club tours flowing?

Absolutely. Three quarters of the year I spend touring around Australia, so it is really important to me to do a lot of mixes for Australian artists and releasing my records with Australian labels. It’s pretty much the majority of what I’m doing is for my Australian crowd. I do so much touring here that it is important for me to keep my releases happening here as well as overseas.

Are there any acts your looking forward to touring with this year?

Yeah I just found out today that I’m doing a gig in an ice hockey stadium in Calgary with Joachim Garraud. All the other shows are going to be my shows but yeah I’m warming up for him, it’s going to be awesome.

Here’s where the Sounds Of Summer national tour will be stopping; don’t miss it when it rolls into your city.