Soul Clap: Freak funk

Imagine being on the dancefloor in a nice wide stance, gyrating, moving your hips in a circular motion and vogue dancing with your hands. Well kids, that’s how you get down to the EFUNK. Well that and making love, according to Charles Levine. Everybody’s Freaky Under Nature’s Kingdom is the first album from Levine and Eli Goldstein, better known as Soul Clap. The duo from Miami (via Boston) have been DJing around the traps for years and finally dropped the EFUNK bomb on us last month.

The album beckons you to the dancefloor, where everything is going to get freaky. Between the funky synth lines, deep grooves, often sleazy lyrics, and lots of clapping, there isn’t much to dislike about this album. inthemix caught up with Levine during their EFUNK tour to talk Miami, the possibility of a Wolf + Lamb house band and the real goal of Soul Clap: to get everyone laid.

How is Miami? It looks like a real nice place to live.

Yeah, it’s real dope. Obviously there are a lot of grandmas and grandpas. There’s a huge retirement community, but we’re not really in there. There’s a huge cheesy douchebag community but we don’t really fuck with them either. We kind of have our own little world.

We spend a lot of time at home being healthy and getting sunshine, coming home after a long tour. It’s a great place to live. It’s got an emerging art scene and it’s got a nice alternative lifestyle. It’s really been a pleasure living there. I can’t wait to go back there for another winter. We’re trying to do as much follow the sunshine vibe.

How much did Miami influence EFUNK?

It’s totally an inspirational place to write music. There’s like the history of freestyle, Latin music, ‘80s music, Miami bass; you can feel that energy. It’s electric. Also, you’ve got the sunshine, the dolphins and the ocean air. It’s a really great place to relax and once you’ve relaxed and you’re kind of grounded then that’s a good frame of mind to be writing music. I think it played a big role in how this is album is a real positive sounding thing, rather than cramped. Although the Marcy Hotel in Brooklyn is a totally magical place to write music.

And how was this year’s Winter Music Conference? You played at the Marcy Allstars party, right?

That was amazing. We’re so proud of our labelmates. Everybody had a kick-ass show. Our party at WMC, it’s not like super crazy, like the Crosstown Rebel party, and it’s obviously nothing like the Ultra Music Festival, which is full of all styles of garbage. It’s really like a family underground thing and I think people were really happy.

No Skrillex there, you know what I’m saying. What’s up with that in Australia? You guys are kind of gung-ho on that Swedish House Mafia. I guess the world is kind of hung up on them. Did you see their movie?

No I didn’t it, did you?

You have got to see this movie man. I mean like, damn. Sometimes I can’t believe what we’re up against, you know? The state of pop music and commercial dance music, it’s just as bad as it has ever been but it’s just really…ah, it makes me sad.

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