Sorry, but Tomorrowland Australia has not been announced

Lately, we’ve been inundated with questions about a certain Facebook page. A page called “Tomorrowland Australian TOUR 2014” has, it seems, been popping up in a lot of newsfeeds lately – and with it promising “Here’s an unexpected piece of news: Tomorrowland is coming to Australia in 2014!”, it’s little wonder a few of you wanted to know more. But while we hate to break it to the 45,000 people who put their faith in the page, we’re going to have to go ahead and file this one under too-good-to-be-true.

What gives the page away? To cherrypick a few tell-tale signs, the promise that Daft Punk would be appearing should set off alarm bells. Not only have the Frenchies already announced they have no current plans to tour, if they did, the masters of anonymity certainly would not be doing fan meet and greets backstage.

Secondly, if Tomorrowland was coming to Australia, chances are they wouldn’t be giving away free tickets to anyone who shared their posts. It’s similarly unlikely their ‘official’ page would be riddled with dodgy graphics and poor grammar, or that the festival giant would announce the news that Tomorrowland was coming to Australia through Facebook rather than, say, the giant press conference they held last month to reveal the location of Tomorroworld. Then, of course, there’s the total lack of the connection to, or mention from, the real, ever-active Tomorrowland Facebook page.

The final nail in the coffin of Tomorrowland Australian TOUR 2014 ’s credibility, though, came this morning. From around 10am, the Facebook page was nowhere to be found. The reason? With the likes only getting bigger by the day, it’s unlikely the page owners had a sudden change of heart and took it down. We’d wager that either Tomorrowland or Facebook noticed the fake and stepped in to have it taken down. So, in sum: Tomorrowland is not coming to Australia – for the moment at least. But hey, we can’t blame the 45,000 of you that held out hope…with aftermovies like theirs, Tomorrowland coming to Australia is a possibility worth rallying behind.