Developers want to build apartments in the same building as Revolver

Is there a more infamous club in Melbourne than Revolver? Once affectionately dubbed “Satan’s Lair” by an inthemix reviewer, the Chapel Street night spot is open until 4am on weeknights and pretty much all the time on the weekend, so you can party just as hard at midday on a Sunday as you can at 2am on Friday night. Sorry Sydney!

Revolver may well be the most hectic place to party this side of Berghain – and soon you’ll be able to live there. Well, not inside Revolver – because those couches are probably radioactive – but in the building that houses it.

A planning permit has been posted by Stonnington Council for the “partial demolition” of the Revolver building (229-231 Chapel Street and 24 Macquarie Street, Prahran) to make way for a six- and eight-storey extension.

But don’t stress out just yet. The planning permit clearly stipulates that the “existing nightclub will remain, with no changes to its operating hours and capacity”. Yes, that means your hedonistic late-night party ways are safe.

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If all goes to plan, the developers hope to build three one bedroom apartments, one three bedroom apartment and 22 two-bedroom apartments. In addition the extension will offer shops, offices, and a café, which will presumably do a cracking coffee and Bloody Mary trade on Monday mornings at 6am.

While some may be concerned that new residents – initially excited at the prospect of rolling straight out of the club and into bed – will be put off by all the raving going on upstairs, Victoria has laws to guard against this. Back in late 2014, the Labor Government implemented the “agent of change” principle, which makes new residential developments responsible for noise mitigation. How do you even soundproof something like Revs?