Someone who “used to work” at Revolver did a Reddit AMA

No Melbourne nightspot holds quite the infamy of Revolver. The Chapel St venue – once affectionately dubbed “Satan’s Lair” by an ITM reviewer – is open all weekend long, meaning you can party there just as hard at midday on a Sunday as you can on Friday night. For the punters who frequent it, Revolver’s the most hedonistic place to club this side of Berghain.

So when one Revolver bussy (or “glassy” to non-Victorians) was reportedly fired from the venue and decided to dish the dirt on his former employer via a Reddit AMA, our interest was piqued. Head to Reddit now and you can see user Deraxan (who claims to have worked at the infamous haunt) confirm and deny various Revolver urban legends. We’ve picked out a few of the highlights below – and while we can’t vouch for Deraxan’s identity or whether any of this is actually true (inthemix has sought comment from the venue), it makes for some pretty compelling reading anyway.

Those couches (and why you probably shouldn’t sit on them)

The weirdest thing that’s happened on the dancefloor

The real opening hours

The official best time to party there

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